A quiz on those women of the ’60s…

By Donovan Day

If you think a lot about the 1960s, like I did with my research for my novel “Get Back, Imagine…saving John Lennon,” you can’t help but come away with a newfound admiration for the women who lived in the day when the Beatles roamed the UK.


It wasn’t just that the fashions were mod and they adopted the mini-skirt with two hands and legs to match, it’s that they had some indescribable something. They were the first generation to all break loose of societal norms at one time and yes, free love, drugs and sex were in the air.

brigitte bardot












What a time. The ’60s also had some of the most iconic women actresses ever. It was still a time when the mass media was somewhat new so very few hated it like now. So enjoy these photos and pine for the old days that many of us never knew. Can you name them all? Answers below….




ann margaret

christine keeler

emma peel

In order from top to bottom! Jean Shrimpton, Brigitte Bardot, Michelle Phillips, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren, Ann Margaret, Christine Keeler, Diana Rigg

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