There really is a time warp in Liverpool, home of the Beatles…

liverpoolAs the author of a young adult novel about traveling back in time to meet the Beatles, I did a fair amount of research and one of the shocking things I discovered is that — believe it or not — Liverpool has a time warp that leads travelers back to the 1950s! It’s true, or at least a lot of people believe it.

Bold Street, a well-known shopping area in Liverpool, is the site where a number of folks have said they ‘time slipped’ backwards to the 1950s to see stores long gone or stores where clerks don’t know what credit cards are.

It began in 1996 when a former police officer reports that he saw a store long out of business and men and women dressed as they would have in the ’50s. There are other reports as well, including that of a young woman who says she was shopping for baby clothes and, amazed how cheap they were, went on a spree only to be told by the clerk up front that they did not take credit cards nor did they know what they were. When she related the story to her mother, her mum told her that particular store had closed years before.

There are other stories as well, in or around Liverpool which makes me wonder — could one ‘slip back’ and meet the young Beatles? And if you did — with the knowledge you now possess — what would you do? Anything differently or would you let fate play out in the wonderful way that it did?

I don’t know about you but I think I’d leave well enough alone.

[Wanna know more about my time travel book about the Beatles? It’s called “Get Back.”]

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