My idea for this novel about the Beatles came to me in a dream…

reading 2By Donovan Day

Really! That’s what happened.

I was doing research on the Beatles for an article and began dreaming about them all the time. In this one dream, I was in the studio with them and they let me sit in and jam. Hey, it’s my dream, right?!

Later, we got to talking and I they discovered I was from the future. They had all sorts of questions about music and records and what whether people would remember them in 2015 and still play their music.

It was a happy conversation until — in the dream — John asked, “And what becomes of me?”

I couldn’t bring myself to give him the horrible truth and, when I hesitated, he knew that the answer was bad, very bad and he demanded an answer. That’s when I woke up.

It was such a vivid dream that I told a few friends about it. That was about two years ago in October. Soon, I heard about Nanowrimo which translates to National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to write every day of November and you “win” if you get to 50,000 words. Those words may not be an actual novel but it’s a good base from which to write your novel…that’s the theory.

I decided to take part and use that dream to spin my story off. It was great fun but a lot of work. Believe me, it’s hard to write every day, even on many days when you don’t feel like it. And remember, Thanksgiving weekend is in November.

At the end, I had 50,000 words and I thought it was pretty good. That was five major revisions ago. Now my young adult novel is done and I think you’ll like. It’s called “Get Back, Imagine….saving John Lennon.” Everyone says it’s a fun read. I hope you’ll support me. The book is filled with Beatles references and I think it’s perfect for baby boomers, their kids and grand-kids.


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